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For the past 25+ years, Larta, nonprofit with legacy of providing support to high-growth science-based ventures has delivered technical and business assistance for leading SBIR granting agencies...serving over 3,000 SBIR Phase I and II awardees in a variety of sectors.



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Steve B.
I give very high commendations to TurboSBIR/OmniSync for the entire program put together – company mentoring and professional grant writing – all in a “one-stop-shop” format! And I especially give high commendations to Rupak Doshi for all his expertise and help. Navigating the complex maze required by various government agencies is daunting in its own right, let alone being able to succinctly put together compelling proposal documents. In both areas, TurboSBIR excelled beyond my expectations! I would give high recommendations to other companies interested in your services…
Steve B.

Founder/CEO, Pure Spun Innovations


TurboSBIR is like TurboTax® for SBIR grants.

SBIRs are grants and contracts awarded by the US government to startups for innovative product development. But like all government programs, SBIRs are painfully hard to prepare. Just like TurboTax® (an Intuit Inc. product) simplifies complex IRS law to easy steps to help you accurately prepare taxes, our software makes SBIR applications a breeze. TurboSBIR combines easy-to-use software with PhD-level guidance and support throughout the process, similar to how you can find CPA help on TurboTax. Entrepreneurs build cool things. Bureaucracy, cost, and time should not get in the way...

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TurboTax® is a registered trademark of Intuit Inc. OmniSync does not have any formal relationship with Intuit Inc. Any references to TurboTax have been made purely for comparison purposes to enable ease of understanding for the reader.

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OmniSync's biggest strength is in its unique team, consisting of PhD-trained executives who understand grants from their time in academia, successful startup entrepreneurs who have walked the walk, and advisors from some of the most globally-successful companies.

CEO/Co-FounderRupak Doshi
COO/Co-FounderNorman Huang
Co-FounderLaunch Factory
AdvisorArthur Levy
AdvisorAlan Gardner
AdvisorKim King

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Read through some of our FAQs below. Chat with us if you have more questions.

What is the SBIR program ?
Most startups begin with a novel idea, which needs to be tested before any investor will believe it. The US government recognized this back in 1982, when they established the SBIR program to support innovative R&D in startups at the concept stage. Under this program, startups are awarded grants or contracts by the Federal government, without any expectation of direct financial returns. In other words, these are not loans, and nor does the government want shares or part ownerships in startups. This is why SBIR grants and contracts are often termed "non-dilutive funding" for startups, to distinguish them from investor funds that result in entrepreneurs' ownerships in their own companies being 'diluted'.
How much money are we talking about ?
The funds are given in 2 phases: Phase 1 - when you have a concept and want some funds to test the feasibility of your novel ideas. Depending on the agency, the range is typically $50-250K Phase 2 - when you have de-risked a technology and want funds to develop a prototype and commercialize it with one or more pilot partners. Depending on the agency, the range is $500K-1.5M Some agencies also offer a Phase 3 and matching funds for outside investments that the startup brings in.
What topics are funded ?
We can guarantee that no genuine startup, working on a novel product or service, will have trouble finding a fit with one or more of the SBIR grant and contract programs. The SBIR program is run by 11 Federal agencies on different dates throughout the year. Most agencies fund inter-disciplinary products, but in general: National Science Foundation (NSF) - the most agnostic, funds almost all areas of science and technology National Institutes of Health (NIH) - any and everything to do with health Department of Defense (DoD) - any and everything to do with defense and people within defense. DoD includes its various components, such as Air Force, Army, Navy, etc. US Dept. of Agriculture (USDA) - Agriculture, food, and plan-related innovations in rural and urban ecosystems Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) - Food, water, air, forests, etc. all innovations that impact the environment around us NASA - innovations related to space and earth-bound products with potential applications in space Dept. of Energy - innovations in renewable and.r non-renewable energy in all its forms Dept. of Education - innovations and technologies to further educational systems in the US at all levels Dept. of Transportation - Air, water, and land transport innovations Dept. of Homeland Security - innovations pertaining to ports of entry/exit and related products with impact on Homeland Security
What exactly is funded under the SBIR program ?
This is the toughest question to answer specifically, because of the subjectivity in how different people view the kind of work they do. But essentially, startups should know that the 'IR' in SBIR stands for Innovation Research, and so all SBIR grants and contracts are awarded for innovative (new) R&D work on US soil that has the potential to benefit the US economy in some way. One thing to note is that innovative R&D doesn't mean that you need to propose work in a university laboratory. It simply means that your work should lead to a new finding that can be applied in a commercial world. We have more guidance on our app, and strategy consultation available for you to gauge whether your project could be viewed as innovative R&D. We have helped several startups understand and position their projects in a way that make them suitable for the program.
How long does it take ?
From the time of application to receiving the money, a Phase 1 grant typically takes 3-6 months. The Air Force program is the fastest, wherein you get notified of a Phase 1 $50K award in 1 month following the application deadline. If you think that 3-6 months is a long time, and that investors might write you a check quicker, you should look up 'how long does raising seed funding take' for a reality check. And remember, this is free money that we're talking about!
What about STTR ?
The Small Business Technology Transfer Research is a special program within the SBIR ecosystem, which was designed to foster deeper collaborations between universities and startups. Its typically used by academic professors to commercialize inventions from university laboratories, and has flexible rules around budget spending and Principal Investigator eligibility.
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